Are you a be good or be better person ?

OK so I am going to ask you to take out a piece of paper and answer these next 12 questions .

not at all true :1-2

somewhat true :3-4

very true :5

1. It is very important to me to do well at school or work compared to my peers

2.I like having friends who can teach me something about myself even if it isn’t always positive

3. I am always seeking opportunities to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge

4. I really care about making a good impression on other people

5. It is important to me that I show that I am smart and capable

6. I strive to have open and honest relationships with my friends and acquaintances

7.I strive to constantly learn and improve in school or at work

8.I am with other people I think a lot about how I am coming across to them

9.I feel good about myself when I know that other people like me

10. I Try to do better than my coworkers and classmates

11.I like to be in relationships that challenge me to change for the better

12.School or work I am focused on demonstrating my ability

So now add up your scores from numbers One, four, five, eight, nine, ten and twelve

Now divide that number by seven

This is your be better score

Now add up your scores from numbers two, three, six, seven, Eleven

NDivide that number by five

This is your get better score

Which score is higher what types of goals do you pursue more ?

Just a little activity from one of the books that I am reading for the month of September The book is called “ succeed, how we can reach our goals and nine things successful people do differently “