Journey to EDC Las Vegas *part 1*

“ It’s not about having what you want it’s about wanting what you’ve got”

In case you don’t know or need a refresher about a year ago I set out one of my major life goals Was to work and be a part of what makes a music festival possible. I mostly have bartended for previous festivals like Austin city limits and Voodoo Festival. I set out with the goal to work four new music festivals this year.

So just a month ago I had the Opportunity to work with Insomniac for the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2019. There is so many emotions that come to hand when I think about EDC Las Vegas , it was one of the most valuable life experiences I have so far . It was the first year that they offered camping for the staff. So it was already really cool to immerse myself in the experience in the life.

This whole week was spent spending time And living with with absolute strangers Who I had no idea would become like family after the week we spent camping in the desert Working for one of the biggest music festivals around.

I’m not gonna lie before the first day and maybe even after the first day I was a little nervous like with every well oiled machine comes trial and air Did I happen to mention it was the first year they were doing stuff camping ? like I said we were there riding the sto

The first day was a little hectic we had to pick up our credentials on one side of the stadium park on another side and then finally then walk to eight complete and other side of the speedway to reach our destination for orientation . This is where we learned how to be part of the Insomniac team learning procedures and protocols I’m getting all the important information that we needed to make sure the weekend ran smoothly . Our orientation started about 4 o’clock We had made it to camp BDCon we were introduced to a team from the Netherlands we were told that they were going to be working closely with us throughout this weekend to make sure that the camping logistics ran smoothly . This team we got to work with consisted of people who are part of running the camping logistics for a world renowned festival tomorrowland , naturally I was pretty stoked to hear about everyone’s backgrounds in festival work and it only made my craving for the job more intense.

One of the first tasks we were instructed to do was this interesting thing called a cinnamon roll hug if you don’t know what that could possibly be, I suggest just googling it. It is the absolute essence of close and intimate.

Well after spending several hours going through policies and procedures learning about our role on the headliner experience team, at this moment I cannot feel any more in tune with my higher self.

we finished up orientation around 11 PM.

It was time for us to be checked into our homes for the next five days . This was the least glamorous part about the entire weekend basically everybody got in a caravan of cars followed one by one over to an empty lot where we are parked got our suitcases and camping gear out of the car and we all made our trek over to the staff camp grounds .

On a complete sidenote This small part almost broke my spirit it was Very difficult and very trying of my sanity

do you know how difficult it is to drag a suitcase / camping gear through gravel and sand for about a mile In the dark? Well it can’t get any worse than this right ? Wrong!

45 miserable minutes later we had made it to a stopping point at this moment we received a update from our supervisors telling us that we were not going to have power or air conditioning for our first night in our shift pods. None of us understood how Anyone was going to wake up and be ready to work at 7 AM without at least charging our phones and setting an alarm I mean it was already 2 o’clock in the morning.

Well thank God that was just a fluke . Once we all got into our pods and got settled the rest of the weekend was smooth sailing from here .

The next day consisted of checking headliners who are Attending the festival into their campsites. On this one day alone I had managed to work A 19 hour shift. Walking in at 7 AM and walking out At two am. Although we were given several breaks throughout the day and several meals throughout the day I do have to admit, it did actually kind of kick my butt. I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that Insomniac had catering for the staff. We got four full course catered meals a day.

By the end of this night all the staff was finally getting comfortable and enjoying themselves as we didn’t have to be to work until 1 PM so that meant plenty time for sleeping in. As tommorrow was festival day one !

Check back for part two and part three about my journey through EDC !

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