Journey to edc! part 3

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The final journey

So the first night of our actually festival work, day one edc, we were ticket scanning which required us to be so thorough with checking each wrist band and determining the legitimacy of them. And when I tell you we had so many fake bands that night ! There were literally guys with a green ribbon around their wrist who tried to bribe me and my coworker juan Carlos with five dollars ! Only five dollars ! The largest bribe our gate had been offered was 1000$. i was the smallest person running the gates that whole festival probably and I dunno maybe cause I look like a hard ass no one tried me. My supervisors even told me I was great at holding my lane down and getting people to go away hahaha! We had on the second day one runner who got throug. On the second day the Headliners all came running though the gates but one broke through and our supervisor tackled them !

but by day 3 we had a system and our gate was working perfectly together but sadly that is the last day we all have to spend here in paradise.

it was so cold and so windy that night me and my brother his girlfriend Anna and our friend Shelby literally laid in downtown edc all that night cuddled under a blanket sharing our energies with each other. The festival ended at 6 am every morning we watched the sunrise through the mountains and every morning they had an after party at the camp grounds. It was amazing everyone was pretty cold cause the weather dipped down to 56 degrees and when I tell you it was the best feeling looking around seeing kaskade or fisher playing while every sigle person is wrapped in their blanket and pjs dancing and having a great time .

I highly recommend this festival if anyone is thinking of going next year or I recommend applying to work for the headliner experience team and get paid to go! We had free camping free food and our own showers and i met some of the best people ever on this trip. I’m sad to see it’s over and have another year until I can be there again. love my little camp edc family ❤️❤️❤️

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