So I guess its called shotapalooza weekend?

So this recent weekend I not only attended but worked for the music festival know as lollapalooza as a bartender. But I guess the people of the city have a different name for it “ shot a Pelouza” By the end of the weekend and hospital had to stop taking patients in because so many people been shot. I also accidentally booked our Airbnb for one of the most dangerous part of Chicago it twork Block by four block radius Nickname Terror town One night walking in to the Airbnb I heard a noise so I turned on Michael and I said “aww fireworks“ To which he replied “where” I said “ don’t you hear them“ Almost immediately who turned and said in a very serious manner “ almost immediately he turned and said in a very serious manner “those weren’t fireworks get inside “. But we were scheduled to work at one of the main stage bars at the bud light stage. Fantastic view I have to say. As for the festival itself I’m a little spoiled I have been to EDC Las Vegas Austin city limits voodoo festival ultra Miami And so many others .in My opinion I think The parts that they had the festival at , grant park, it was a huge beautiful space but I do believe that they could’ve done a lot more with the space that they had . But for me I do like to go to a festival and feel like I’m not part of the outside world. I often seek that escape reality feeling . But I can’t complaIn because it was also beautiful seeing the Chicago skyline in the background around us . One thing I will say is this was the one festival I saw people in rather “normal “clothes Like the amount of girls that were wearing fucking dresses blew my mind. There was still some rave clothes but honestly the whole look of everything seriously Lacked individuality. But what was I to expect from a festival with Ariana Grande headlining it LOL . My favorite performances over the weekend definitely chainsmokers stepped it up from The last time that I saw them. So I saw them at my first ultra in 2018 and it was hands-down one of the best sets Best memories I had at a festival . like it was one of those things where are you come back to the real world and you hear that song that was playing during that site and it immediately put you back into the feeling like you’re out there in the crowd simply beautiful experience . then I saw them this year 2019 at ultra and I was completely disappointed I felt like it lacked warmth and edge . So they definitely blew my mind when I saw them perform on Friday night it had warmth there was edge and all around you just got that nice fuzzy feeling inside like everything’s gonna be OK , They also had the fray come out and sing how to save a life. Other than than them I really enjoyed death cab for cutie site but that appeals to my inner emo kid, and hearing them play I’ll follow you into the dark it was a heartwarming touching experience because the poetry in that song speaks so deeply to me. Last but not lease in one bit at all the main person who I was 100% excited to see was tenacious D with fucking jack black .With my name being destiny growing up in the 90s you never really saw anything with your name on it you know like those cups,or the magnet , The little necklaces with the hearts that say the names in them , Or even the silly pens nothing really ever had my name on it, Long behold jack black puts out this movie called tenacious D in the pick of destiny in 2006. So I immediately fell in love with it before I had even seen it. And it took me till I was a little bit older than 10 years old to appreciate the movie for what it really was . I heard that they were playing at lollapalooza my mouth dropped to the ground I didn’t think that that would be someone you would see at a music festival I mean mostly because it’s a band in a movie and they literally played the movie songs for their entire set it felt like I was watching the movie on sa I mean mostly because it’s a band in a movie and they literally played the movie songs for their entire set it felt like I was watching the movie Through an interpretive song and dance by Jack Black. It was freaking hilarious I almost died peeing my pants laughing .Other than the great music and the lack there of decorations. My favorite thing about Chicago and lolla was charli She is one of the girls who workEd the bar tent with me who is originally from the city. We immediately became the best of friends and I honestly cried when I left because I was so sad that I had to leave a new friend. Having A girlfriend there That literally reminded me of myselff made the experience Much more enlightening and having someone there to explore around on the times that we weren’t working was awesome . I mean I have Michael there but he’s a boy Who doesn’t care about outfits and glitter and all the things that make life great LOL . I honestly say I wasn’t impressed with Chicago but on the last day I was there it was the day of our employee party show me Charlie and Michael had met up to get margaritas at this awesome taco place during happy hour before we went . If it weren’t for her on that last day I would’ve left with a completely different opinion of Chicago but she was able to take me around and show me to all the really cool fun quirky, nooks and crannies of the city. The night before that She told me to meet her at this place called Danmy s tavern , I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but what I had in mind was something along the lines of a dive or sports bar. When we walked in the door The only lighting in this five or six room building was tiny candles it was absolutely so dark and then we walked up to the bar and bartender told us that they only accepted cash. Well fuck at this point I have to turn on my cell phone light to make sure I don’t hand them 100 $ bill instead of a ten ! And then we looked over to the cash register that he then tang this order up on it was the most old Timey cross between a typewriter and a windows 95 computer, it looks so old I thought he was going to get tetanus from pressing the buttons Hahahaha

After a few drinks and some time our eyes finally adjusted to the lighting and we could see each other’s faces again .

PS . the flammin hot Cheeto fries were trash.

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