Mirror mirror on the wall

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

“I’ll always get up after I fall “

Reflection can be hard. How do we look in on ourselves and constructively pass alll the judgements we hold on ourselves?

I struggle with reflection i Try so hard to reflect on times where Ive made the wrong decision. Truth is I struggle because I make the wrong decision consciously knowing it’s repercussions and outcomes.

For the longest time I have asked the question why do I keep Making the wrong decisions And for even the longest time I thought it was for the right reasons. Illusions can be funny like that.

after reading “the disillusionment of the self defeater” I learned a lot about how we carefully set up a plan for ourselves to ultimately fail or how about when we are literally steps from completely an important task we fail to complete or finish what is asked of us. I do this a lot. I carefully plot out my self demise and watch as it happens in confusion.

But one day you have got to decide to stop Living in illusion and make a better life for yourself