PART 2: Journey through EDC Las Vegas

“Never give up on that one thing that made you feel alive in the first place”

so on my last EDC Las Vegas post I basically talked about everything we went through in terms of arriving for the first day of work; basically I got all the bad stuff out on the first pose and now it’s time for the fun . Without my fellow campers and coworkers and shift pod mates I wouldn’t have made it through the weekend. Thankfully to one of my Pod mates when we first arrive to the speedway my Uber driver had dropped me and my friends off on the completely wrong side that we needed to be on. Rebecca, one of the girls I shared a tent with. For the weekend came and picked us up and drove us to where we needed to be without her we would’ve dragged our suitcases for an hour and a half to the other side of the speedway . Shout out to Becca you the real MVP . No one had no anybody but somehow we instantly formed connections with our little group. My fellow coworkers are honestly one of the best things that happened to me that weekend. I mean I did decided go to work a rave on the other side of the country. It was this wonderful and beautiful little community we had . So back onto festival day one I honestly thought Tickets scanning was going to be the most boring job ever . It was not. We had people storm the gates and try and run in ( they were leaders tackled by supervisors ) It was our job to make sure that the RF ID bands were legitimate for the festival. You would not believe how many counterfeit bands we came across. We also had to make sure that the bands had not been tampered with (cut, decorated, sewn together etc)

we also had to tighten them to peoples wrists to insure the safety of their rfid bandS and to insure ticket swapping wasn’t going on . Let me tell you these people get crafty I saw straws rubber bands safety pins paper clips tape you name it the headliners used them to keep their bands from being tightened. We had to do all of this while ensuring that we were keeping the energy up welcoming in our headliners. We had almost every other person try and hit us with a bribe. The most ridiculous bride that we got was these guys who walked up with green ribbon tied around their wrist And two dollars dollars in their hands. We even had an artist sneak people and try to bum rush The sky deck lane with like 30 people who didn’t have wristbands. One headliner Who came through our line Had a stuffed monkey, his nephew gave him it to keep him safe while he was gone, security was calling it a prohibited item and would not allow him to bring it into the festival and told him that he had to get rid of it. Well Coco out of the kindness of her heart got the kids number and told him that she would hold onto it and meet up with him later in the festival to return it safely Well we were all scheduled to work until 4 AM on our first festival shift so I had already made peace with the idea that I wasn’t going to be able to spend much time at the festival . 1230 rolls around and our gate starts dying out and me and my fellow coworkers were released from our posts and allowed to party ! so we Gathered the tribe and set out on our quest to find the man who this monkey belonged to . He was returned safely to his rightful owner . So after we accomplish that none of us even had any idea who was even on the lineup for that night so we all started looking at the lineup. Zofia was asking me who I wanted to see in my eyes locked onto the one person I have been trying to see you for years . EXCISION PLAYS TONIGHT! I was supposed to finally see them last year at Sunset music festival but due to Florida being in a state of emergency they canceled the second day of the festival . We made our way around the festival looked at all the beautiful lights the beautiful Decor and atmosphere We made our way to linking up with the rest of our squad for deadmau5 And from there on we partied and danced and raved until I could see the sun rising through the mountain range that surrounded us . Edc Las Vegas ended its last set at 6 am everyday but that sure didn’t stop the party even going back to the campgrounds Bass music played nonstop until the very last second. I honestly thought I would be more uncomfortable sleeping on an air mattress in a tent for five days at a festival I was working But I wasn’t I was so damn exhausted that just laying down felt good and I could feel the bass music thumping through the ground and it basically lulled me to sleep. On that second day when we woke up it was freezing the weather had dropped down to like 53° during the day with Highwinds. Normally this wouldn’t of been an issue for me as I always over prepare but silly me and was convinced not to bring more than one pair of pants because it’s vegas in may But I soon regret that decision. When I got up to go shower in the morning I made my walk all the way to the staff showers it was about A 20 minute walk just to the bathrooms every time so every morning I woke up needing to pee extremely bad and having to do somewhat of the potty dance while walking a mile to the bathrooms . The showers we’re not it all what I thought they were going to be And we had tons of hot water thank God. When I tell you I put in some steps that week I mean it . My fitness tracking app put me at half a marathon for one day ! Needless to say when I got home my 10 minute (.02 mi) walk to work to my full time job was a cakewalk. So I thought I was really gonna leave this post at only two parts but there still so much I havent covered Stay tuned for PART 3: journey from edc Las Vegas

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