Stop sucking at life part one

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

When I think back to last year when I finally decided on learning how to manifest my goals, I absolutely cannot imagine the amount of progress I’ve made in just a year.

I was finally tired of sucking at life and decided to get real clear on my goals my dreams and my desires. It was like something awoke inside me. Where do I even start?

Welcome to the slow start road to recovery. My first inclination was to create my first vision board. This was probably The only time in my life I had ever sat down and really gave thought about the kind of life I wanted to live.

I decided to break it down into several categories.

1. Financial

2. Growth

3 . Travel

4. Career

I started with the purchase of a planner that I highly recommend anybody looking to set goals and accomplish them .

“The law of attraction daily planner”

It was a wonderful tool to use in the process of setting my goals .

also at the end of every month it gives you a reflection portion . Another wonderful tool I recommend is the book “you are a badass” by Jen sincero. Honestly this book helps jumpstart my journey down the road of self discovery and growth . Shortly two years later now I’m building my brand and myself simultaneously.