What happens in Vegas

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

So in two weeks I will be headed out west to go to Las Vegas for my first time ever . I know that’s

a terrifying idea to think of me being in Vegas . I’m super excited because I got hired to work EDC Las Vegas with insomniac . About a year ago I started looking into working festivals I never thought that I would be working at EDC Las Vegas just see you later i’m so excited because I literally manifested this for myself I wrote it down I put all my energy into making it happen and did whatever it took hours of research on the computer countless emails I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got the response that I was hired

Luckily I’m not scheduled to work the entire time of the festival and I’m also staying three extra days to experience Vegas I feel like I’m gonna fall in love with it never wanna leave

The most exciting thing is that I booked a room at the stratosphere hotel with all the crazy rides off the top of it and that’s what I’m most excited for I will definitely make it back with pictures and hopefully videos especially from the stratosphere and edc!

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